Roof Cleaning Tenafly New Jersey | Power Washing Services

Roof Cleaning Tenafly New Jersey | Power Washing Services

Roof Cleaning Tenafly New Jersey | Power Washing Services

If you need professional exterior soft roof washing or low pressure power washing in Tenafly New Jersey call Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC @ (877) 420-WASH or (732) 726-9261. We service all of the 07670 zip code area. Visit our website at

Have you noticed all of the roofs in need of cleaning service in Tenafly NJ? Drive down any street of the town and you’ll be sure to find some kind of staining on almost any roof. Most people do not know what the staining is or how to remove it. Some folks even have there roof “pressure washed” just for a lack of a better solution.

The good news is the roof is simply sick. Black staining, roof moss, lichen and algae are all parasites feeding on the limestone in the roofing shingle. If you treat the roof with the proper disinfectant and kill the mold and moss the roof will be healthy again and look newer. Black staining on a roof is a mass of singe celled bacteria called gloeocapsa magma. It travels through the air. Spores will attach to the roofing shingles. They will grow faster on the north sides of the roof where the sun shines less. The spores land everywhere on the roof but grow mostly on shady sides. Shady sides of the roof retain more moisture to promote the growth of algae and moss.

Most people ask a lot of questions about the roof cleaning procedure. This is understandable since most people have never cleaned their roof before. Roof cleaning and soft wash moss removal is a fairly new service within the last 15 years or so. As the manufacturer started adding crushed limestone to the shingle the problem of the roof algae stains began. Limestone is organic sediment, like crushed sea shells and sediment type material. This is the food source for the roof stains.

Moss can develop root systems into the roofing shingle. These root systems tear into the shingle and gradually break it apart. When cleaning a roof that has moss we never use any aggressive methods like scrubbing or power washing. we treat the moss and it dies instantly. Then it is left to dry out and decompose on its own. By allowing it to detach on its own we can minimize the risk of leaving scars on the shingle.

Lichen is the worst of all. Lichen can be found growing on trees. It is a super fungus combined of a fungus and an algae. If you see it on a tree you will find it most difficult to remove. It attaches itself to a roof similarly. Once the lichen washes away there is usually some form damage to the roofing granules.

All roofs can be safely cleaned including cedar roofs and slate roofs. All sidings can be soft washed including vinyl, stucco and even delicate painted surfaces. If your need roof cleaning or soft pressure washing services in Tenafly NJ, please call us at (732) 726-9261