Oasis Typhoon TouchFree Car Wash

Oasis Typhoon TouchFree Car Wash

Oasis Typhoon TouchFree Car Wash

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I came across this car wash in Greeley Colorado, and it is owned and opperated by Bee Clean Car Wash. They also operate 3 other self service washes with 2 Karcher touch free automatics

This machine is an older generation Typhoon manufactured by Oasis Car Wash systems, this is one of the FASTEST in bay automatics in the industry as it is the only machine that cleans all sides of the vehicle simultaniously.

As you can see in the video, this is the top wash, and it manages to complete the whole service in less than four minutes which is very impressive

This machine is engineered with high quality components and is built to last and wash more cars than other standard automatic wash systems. This machine also comes at a larger cost than most other systems in the industry.

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NOTICE: I am a car wash professional, I have many years of experience in the industry and know how to safely maneuver car washes. It is not safe to step inside a car wash, unless you have permission from the car wash operators.