Handyman Upland Ca

Handyman Upland Ca

Handyman Upland Ca

Handyman Upland Ca (909) 509-5220 Plumbing-Electrical-Painting-Drywall-Roofing-Carpentry-Tile-Deck-Gutters-Trim-MORE

Electrical-Handyman Upland Ca

Security Lighting & Post Lamps Upland Ca
Dimmer Switches and GFI Outlets Upland Ca
Clean/Repair/Replace Bath Exhaust Fans Upland Ca
Repair/Replace/Install Light Fixtures Upland Ca
Install Energy Saving Light Bulbs Upland Ca
Repair/Replace/Install Ceiling Fans Upland Ca
Repair/Replace/Install Recessed Can Lights Upland Ca
Plasma TV Installation and mounting Upland Ca
Hot Tub Hookups Upland Ca

General Misc. Items-Handyman Upland Ca

Gutter and Drain clean out Upland Ca
Pressure Washing Upland Ca
Caulking/Silicone (Tubs/Sinks/Showers/Counters/Windows/Doors) Upland Ca
Insulation Upland Ca
Popcorn Removal Upland Ca
Crawl Space Clean up Upland Ca
Install, repair, or relocate cable jacks Upland Ca
Painting Upland Ca
Installing/repairing/replacing drywall Upland Ca
Addition or removal of interior walls Upland Ca
Crown Molding Upland Ca

Bathroom Services-Handyman Upland Ca

Replace medicine cabinets Upland Ca
Remodel bathrooms Upland Ca
Install towel racks Upland Ca
Caulk tubs, sinks, and tile Upland Ca
Replace toilets and hardware Upland Ca
Replace fixtures Upland Ca
Repair leaky faucets Upland Ca
Install vanities and vanity tops Upland Ca
Replace/Repair/Install exhaust fans and covers Upland Ca
Install/replace toilets and toilet tank hardware Upland Ca

Doors Services-Handyman Upland Ca

Install locks and deadbolts Upland Ca
Adjust and install door thresholds Upland Ca
Replace screens Upland Ca
Install French doors Upland Ca
Replace doors and door casings Upland Ca
Install interior and exterior doors Upland Ca
Install weather stripping Upland Ca
Replace doorknobs Upland Ca
Repair doors that are hard to open Upland Ca
Adjust and lubricate sliding doors Upland Ca
Install storm doors Upland Ca
Stop doors from squeaking Upland Ca

Exterior Services-Handyman Upland Ca

Weather Stripping Of Doors & Windows Upland Ca
Entry Door-Repair/Replace Upland Ca
Exterior Voltage Lighting Upland Ca
Recaulk Windows and Doors Upland Ca
Repair Fencing Upland Ca
Install/ Replace mailbox Upland Ca
Exterior Lighting Upland Ca

Kitchen Services-Handyman Upland Ca

Replace garbage disposals Upland Ca
Fix broken drawers Upland Ca
Install range hoods Upland Ca
Install above range microwave Upland Ca
Clean/replace faucet aerators Upland Ca
Install/Replace Dishwasher Upland Ca
Caulk sinks Upland Ca
Replace fixtures Upland Ca
Repair leaky faucets Upland Ca

Laundry Room & Closet Services-Handyman Upland Ca

Hook up washers and dryers Upland Ca
Install/replace/Clean dryer hoses and vents Upland Ca
Install shelving and hanger rods Upland Ca
Assemble closet organizers Upland Ca
Adjust/lubricate closet doors Upland Ca
Install lights and ventilation fans Upland Ca
Change out receptacles Upland Ca
Replace/Repair/Install Light Upland Ca

Plumbing-Handyman Upland Ca

Install Dishwasher/Garbage Disposal Upland Ca
Repair Drips and Leaks (Valves/Pvc/Cpvc) Upland Ca
Install New Faucets and Showerhead Upland Ca
Replace/Repair/Install Toilets & Seals Upland Ca

Safety Services-Handyman Upland Ca

Installing smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors and changing hard to reach batteries. Upland Ca
Change door locks and add deadbolts Upland Ca
Install hand rails and safety bars Upland Ca
Residential window/ door alarms Upland Ca
Clean dryer vents Upland Ca
Install motion sensor lights Upland Ca
Check water heater temperature Upland Ca

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